Marilla Township

Marilla Township is a Zoned Community

What does this mean to you?  Before you buy, build or propose a new business in our Township we encourage you to review our zoning ordinances.

Zoning Administrator

Misty Cudney
(231) 362-3555

Zoning Ordinances

Marilla Township Zoning Ordinance – Effective April 23, 2014, Amended June 14, 2022

Zoning Ordinance – Table of Uses Amended June 14, 2022  (In maintenance mode: contact clerk for more info)

Zoning Ordinance Amendment Summary – March 11, 2022

Nuisance Ordinance – Effective April 16, 2022

Recreational Marijuana Establishment Ordinance – Adopted April 13, 2021

Recreational Marijuana Amendment to the Zoning Ordinance – Adopted April 13, 2021

*Please note that the term Marijuana can also be spelled Marihana, both refer to the botanical plant also known as cannabis, and both are acceptable according to


IMPORTANT: Please allow for 7-10 business days for a permit response

Zoning Land Use Permit Application– Updated August 16, 2022

Special Use Permit Application – Updated August 16, 2022

Recreational Marijuana Establishment Permit Application – Updated January 30, 2022

Fee Schedule
2023 Fee Schedule – adopted June 20, 2023
Additional Information

District 10 Health Department – Manistee County

Health Department Forms  – Including water, septic, food, etc.

Manistee County Resources

State Permits – Including building, electrical, plumbing, mechanical.

Manistee County Address Request 

Michigan DNR Burn Permits

Michigan DNR Burn Map

Michigan Wetland Regulations

Michigan/EGLE Wetland Permit


Zoning Board of Appeals
Term: January 2023 - December 2025

Janet Howes – Chairperson

Walter (Sonny) Rewerts – Planning Commission Representative

Available – Alternate Member

Bruce Bahr – Board Representative  
989.513.8569 (mobile)