Marilla Township

Master Plan Review

The master plan review is in the works. If you are interested in participating in this process, please feel free to join us at our Planning Commission meetings or at our regularly scheduled township board meetings. We are always seeking input from the community. You can find our township survey HERE and in physical format at the township hall if interested. 


The Township is looking for help filling many supporting positions. If you have an interest in building up and strengthening our small community by volunteering when needed, please contact the township clerk for more information: Misty Cudney at 231-362-3555 or by email at

Current positions include;

Township Supervisor,

Township Trustee,

Election Inspectors (training and certification is required prior to elections),

Cemetery Committee members,

Zoning Administrator (additional knowledge or experience is required),

and Zoning Board of Appeals member.

*Please note that some positions are volunteer, and some are offered a small compensation. All positions offer online educational resources if interested.

Election News

for the nine days of early voting for
State and Federal elections ONLY.

Our township has contracted with eight other townships to
hold early voting at the Kaleva Community Center located at

9213 Aura St, Kaleva, MI 49645

*between the hours of 8:30 am and 4:30 pm.

For the Presidential Primary, FEB 27th 2024,
the early voting will be Feb 17-25th 2024 with the polls
and hall closed on Monday Feb 26th 2024.

With the passing of Proposal 2-2022 there will be some changes coming to our township. If you would like to learn more about these and other election related topics, please ask. We also have volunteer opportunities for ages 16 and up. It’s never too early or too late to get involved.

Some may already know that our drop box was “unusable” for this last election as it did not meet the new law requirements at the time. We are working to meet them and improve security for our voters. As part of this a new flood light and security camera has been installed at our hall that will provide visual coverage of the porch, drop box and parking lot. And new drop box has now been delivered and will be installed to start receiving the new Absentee Ballot Applications for this election. 

For more information, please contact Marilla Township Clerk, Misty Cudney at or 231-362-3555.