Marilla Township

A Michigan Township Is

“There are 1,123 townships and 117 charter townships which are all actively functioning governmental units. Townships are the original units of government formed in the state. Typically, though not always, townships are 36 square miles in size. Each township is governed by a board of trustees consisting of the township supervisor, township clerk, township treasurer, and two or four elected trustees. The entire state is covered by township governments except for areas within cities.” (quote provided by MSU Extension)

A Township Purpose

“State laws authorize both types of Michigan townships to perform mandated and permissive functions.  Mandated Functions are activities that townships are required to perform. The three broadest mandated responsibilities are assessment administration, elections administration and tax collection. In addition to these broad mandates, there are other more narrow state requirements. Procedures for the township’s financial administration, such as budgets, accounting, investments and deposits, are closely regulated by the state.” (quote provided by MSU Extension)

Township Officials

Douglas A. Glick, LMSW
757.813.0311 (mobile)


Misty Cudney
231.715.9055 (mobile)


Camie Bay
231.362.3555 (work)


Bruce Bahr
989.513.8569 (mobile)

Steven Vegter
616.900.7564 (mobile)

Township Hours

The best way to reach a Township official is by email or phone. Historically the township has been administered from at home offices. More recently, the Township Hall has been multi-purposed as office space, polling place and community center.

You can usually find the Clerk/Interim Zoning Administrator and the Treasurer at the Township Hall on Tuesdays during the winter months; often one or both will be available between 10 am and 5 pm. If you are making a special trip, please call to make sure whom you want to speak with will be available.

Although some of the Township Officials hold jobs in other fields, most officials can be met with by appointment and are generally available at the monthly Township Board meetings currently scheduled the second Tuesday each month at 6:30 pm. 

Township Financials
Township Resolutions
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