Marilla Township


Jared Litwiller
phone (888) 714-9288

Board of Review

Term: January 2023-December 2024

Allen O’Shea

Dawn Duquette

Betty Buda-Joy

Martin Hild
Alternate Member

Douglas A. Glick

Meeting Dates and Information

For March meetings:
“The March Board of Review begins their work on the Tuesday following the first Monday in March. On this day, the Board holds their organizational meeting and formally receives the assessment roll from the assessor. This is the meeting for the Board to “get organized”. They should elect a chairperson, discuss how they are going to conduct business, review any statutory or policy changes they should be aware of for the current year and receive any briefings they want from the assessor regarding the assessment roll. The Board will not hear appeals at this first meeting. The organizational meeting date cannot be rescheduled to a different day.”
For 2023, that date is March 7th.
For 2024, that date is March 5th.
Appeals meetings begin the following week in two six-hour sessions.  These are scheduled in terms of day and times with our assessor, but they must occur the week following the organizational meeting and they must include at least 3 hours after 6:00 p.m. We have done the Thursday 9-3 pm and Friday 3-9 pm previously.
For 2023, these dates are March 16 and 17 respectively.
For 2024, these dates will be March 14 and 15.
For the July meeting:
 “The July Board meets on the Tuesday following the third Monday in July” Our Assessor will set the time and this meeting usually lasts less than 45 minutes.  In the past we have met at 1:00
For 2023, that date is July 18th.  
For 2024, that date would be July 16th.
The December meeting:
 “The December Board meets the Tuesday following the second Monday in December” In the past we have met at 1:00 pm.
For 2023, that date is December 12th. 
For 2024, that date is December 10th.